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Ruth Ludemann, Beverly Reinhart, Jerry Snyder, Ardys Bradbury, Carol BergArdys Bradbury, Jerry Snyder, Carol Berg, Mary Frances Knox, Bob KnoxDoris Gazda in the green, Bob Ellis, Zeke Prust, and Denis Kigin with their backs to the camera.May Bruner and Joy Shearman facing the camera at the right of this table.Joyce Hartman Diaz and Barbara Bradford EschbachJoyce Hartman Diaz, unknown, Arlene Westgard, Ted Brown, Len Gordon, unknown, Dave Schwalm (with back to camera)Marilyn Wurzburger at the left, Matt and Jo Madonna with backs to the camera.Luncheons are for conversation as well as food.Conversation. Pauline Komnenich facing the camera at the front table.Convivial conversation.The entertainment is about to begin!Richard Palalay and Lyn Jackson making beautiful music.

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